Our équipe

We have assembled a team of professionals from various specialties with a clear objective: to provide a comprehensive approach to sexual health and to both male and female genital disorders.

Equipe Androteam

Androteam specialists

Androteam is an uro-andrological team based in Turin, recognized as a reference in Italy and Europe for male sexual well-being, from both a medical and surgical perspective.

Insegna Androteam Andrologia

Dottor Luigi Rolle urologo e andrologo

Luigi Rolle

Urologist – Andrologist

Dottor Massimiliano Timpano urologo e andrologo

Massimiliano Timpano

Urologist – Andrologist

Dottor Marco Falcone urologo e andrologo

Marco Falcone

Urologist – Andrologist

Dottor Mirko Preto urologo e andrologo

Mirko Preto

Urologist – Andrologist

MediCare specialists

MediCare is the first medical center in Italy entirely dedicated to the well-being of couples. Our interdisciplinary team addresses the prevention and treatment of sexual disorders in both women and men, viewing them both as individuals and as components of a union.

Centro Medico Medicare Torino

Dottor Paolo Destefanis urologo e andrologo

Paolo Destefanis

Urologist – Andrologist

Dottoressa Giovanna Motta endocrinologa

Giovanna Motta


Dottor Marco Agnello urologo

Marco Agnello


Dottoressa Francesca Salvagno ginecologa

Francesca Salvagno


Dottoressa Piera Fauciglietti radiologa ed ecografista

Piera Fauciglietti

Radiologist – Sonographer

Dottoressa Chiara Crespi psicoterapeuta e sessuologa

Chiara Crespi

Psychotherapist – Sexologist

Dottoressa Eliana Perissinotto biologa e seminologa

Eliana Perissinotto

Biologist – Seminologist

Dottoressa Giorgia Maletto nutrizionista e dietista

Giorgia Maletto

Nutritionist – Dietician

Dottoressa Sara Pasquotto fisioterapista e osteopata

Sara Pasquotto

Physiotherapist – Osteopath

Dottor Andrea Parisi chirurgo plastico

Andrea Parisi

Plastic surgeon

Dottoressa Donatella Tota ecografista

Donatella Tota


Dottor Marco Oderda urologo

Marco Oderda


Dottor Enrico Ammirati urologo

Enrico Ammirati


Dottor Massimo Catti urologo pediatrico

Massimo Catti

Pediatric urologist

Dottor Massimo Balbo urologo e andrologo

Massimo Balbo

Abdominal surgeon

Dottor Lorenzo Marinelli endocrinologo Torino

Lorenzo Marinelli


Roberta Paglia Androteam

Roberta Paglia


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